IOM releases a vast number of reports on the world’s migration situations. This page contains a selected few. For a full list of our global reports, please see and

World Migration Report 2018

Since 2000, IOM has been producing world migration reports.  This World Migration Report 2018, the ninth in the world migration report series is meant to better contribute to increase the understanding of current and strategic migration issues throughout the world. 

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More than numbers - How migration data can deliver real-life benefits for migrants and governments

More Than Numbers takes us beyond the well-known challenges of migration data and illustrates its potential value. The authors estimate that better data could boost benefits of migration by at least USD 35 billion

Extreme Heat and Migration | 2017

Explore the links between extreme heat and migration, the challenges, as well as possible ways to address them.

Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration. 2017 Key Highlights

The AVRR 2017 Key Highlights report showcases some of IOM’s most significant global initiatives for the year 2017, in the context of assisted voluntary return and reintegration. 

Migration in the 2030 Agenda

This publication aims to showcase how different areas of migration are addressed in the Sustainable Development Goals.

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